about Us

Sex toys should be "things that sublimate emotions and experience pleasure."

"The story begins in the hotel"

The founders of the global sex toy mall are a couple born in the 1990s. From looking for a place to have sex, to becoming a hotel room review KOL and gradually becoming familiar to everyone. It is precisely because of personal experience that I deeply understand the real needs of our young people. It turns out that finding happiness is not easy.

As times change and society gradually becomes more open to sexual concepts, many Hong Kong people are gradually becoming interested in understanding all aspects of sex toys. Since sex is a basic human need, why should we be taboo about being naked?

  "Ideas come from love"

Before opening this mall, we learned about sex toy stores around the world and gained a lot from broadening our horizons. It turns out that the world is so big and full of wonders. After returning to Hong Kong, I found that similar stores in Hong Kong tend to have a single style and high prices. So, an idea came up and I decided to create sex toys.

Sex, there is love in sex, we provide products to mainly take care of the needs of couples. In addition to making sex online more interesting, more importantly, they have a deeper understanding of themselves and their partners' bodies. Different from other sex toy stores, we buy sex toys from all over the world, definitely not just airplane cups or vibrators, but any products that can sublimate emotions and experience fun, making every couple sweeter.

  "Let lustful sex come closer to you and me."

We are committed to promoting the integration of "sex" into a part of life and a true "sex life". Sex toys can be freely purchased by everyone in the world through the Internet. Our selected sex toys can accompany you to explore the wonderful sexual journey and find the secret recipe for your own happiness.


Love, desire and sex may be a lifelong issue. We hope that our mall can accompany you to gradually explore, experiment and discover more unknown possibilities.